Over 15 000 Apps in Odoo App Store

Apps for all business needs

Veikko Väätäjä

Odoo App Store at www.odoo.com/apps offers 15th March 2018 over 15 000 Apps and over 200 themes for you to extend capabilities of your Odoo ERP. You can use these apps in your Odoo ERP installation to easily extend new features.

Odoo App Store has big and small apps for almost all purposes of Odoo. For example you can select apps that:

  • Add document management capabilities to Odoo.

  • Enable educational institutions manage their students, classrooms, timetables, attendance and other resources.

  • Manage travel and hotel business

  • Deliver email receipts from point of sale

  • Connect Odoo with other ecommerce platforms

Free and Paid Apps

Most of the Apps in store are free (76%). The amount of paid apps is growing and is now about 24%. The share of paid apps was 15% in the beginning of 2017. It has grown from 15% to 24% in a year.

The prices range from less than one Euro to almost 8000 Euros. Odoo SA company is clearly on the way to build a platform also for paid apps. Currently the total sales on Odoo App Store platform is marginal, only about 60 000 Euros per month. There has been not much growth in the sales value during the last months. You can see the sales value statistics in the App Store.

If you have business needs for features or extensions that are common with other businesses, and Odoo does not support them out-of-the-box, you can check from Odoo App Store if there is already an app for that. It makes a huge difference to be able to buy a ready-made module compared to developing it on your own or with an Odoo partner.

What is available in the Odoo App Store?

There are 15 010 apps and 212 themes currently available. From these apps 11 448 are free and 3 562 are paid apps. The growth has been about 4300 new apps per year, 350 apps / month or 12 apps every day. There is for example 1390 apps for Accounting, over 1000 apps for Sales, 900 apps for Website and 600 apps for Point of Sale. The app content range from simple one feature modules to full vertical ERP solutions build on Odoo.

Picks from App Store

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Database auto-backup

Database auto-backup is an automated tool for backing up your Odoo instance. This app is free and available for all current Odoo version 11, 10 and 9, and also for older versions. 

Technical name: auto_backup
Price: Free
Category: Administration
Author: Yenthe Van Ginneken
Link to GitHub
Link to App Store

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

Material/United Backend Theme

Odoo version 11 backend theme to make Odoo backend responsible. A big problem currently with Odoo versions 11, 10 and 9 is that the Commonity version backend user interface looks different from Enterprise version. This theme makes Commonity version look more like Enterprise and work better in mobile devices.

Please note that themes are separate for different Odoo versions. In apps the different Odoo versions are combined in the same app.

Technical name: backend_theme_v11
Price: Free
Category: Backend
Author: Openworx
Link to GitHub
Link to App Store

Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

Product Brand Manager

This app allows you to manage product brands and vendors for products e.g. for ecommerce. Note that there are multiple apps available for this. This app is maintained by OCA.

Technical name: product_brand
Price: Free
Category: Product
Author: Odoo Community Accosiation (OCA) et all
Link to GitHub
Link to App Store

What you can do with the Apps?

With the apps you can quickly start using Odoo ERP in your real business. You can also use Odoo and apps to do a Proof-of-Concept and quickly validate your new business ideas. You can do this even if you currently use some other ERP. Odoo is a good platform for doing PoC's for several reasons:

  • Odoo Community has many integrated business functions ready and you can use them out-of-the-box.

  • You can extend Odoo out-of-the-box experience with ready-made Odoo Apps from App Store. You have over 15000 apps!

  • Open source platform let you or the partner you have chosen, to do modifications to the base setup. You are not tied to a specific vendor.

  • Odoo has good and open API's for integrations. 

I hope you can find good Apps for your Odoo to accelerate your business. If you need help selecting or validating the most suitable Odoo apps for your business needs, please contact me at veikko@unkkuri.com. I will help you find good technology and tools for your business.